O, Canada! I am so grateful for this country and feel incredibly lucky to live here. And in celebration of Canada Day, I’d like to show you some of my favourite places on Vancouver Island, BC, where I spend half the year.

Little Qualicum River Falls is always scenic, but especially so in winter and spring when the water is high. From the lower bridge to the middle and upper bridges, there’s a great trail through the rainforest, bordering the steep river gorge.

Here I am on Mount Washington, renowned for alpine and nordic skiing in winter and mountain biking in summer. The photo on the left is looking over the Salish Sea and coastal mountains, and the one on the right is looking over the island. Yes, there was still snow up there last August, when these pictures were taken. Oh, and by the way, although I love hiking, I did ride the chairlift to the top.

Rathtrevor Park, on the calm eastern side of Vancouver Island, is a place where the tide goes way, way out, leaving a lovely expanse of beach dotted with tidal pools and sand dollars. You can hike the flats or a seaside forest trail, have a picnic or read a book here at any time of year, and it’s just as beautiful when the water’s up.

In Ucluelet, on the spectacular wind-swept west side of Vancouver Island, you’ll find the Wild Pacific Trail, an astounding place to watch waves crashing on rugged rocks as the tide comes in. This fairly accessible trail also passes through magical ancient spruce and cedar rainforest, before offering more breathtaking views of the coastline.







So you can see why I love Vancouver Island. I hope you get a chance to visit this very special part of the country sometime. Until then, Happy Canada Day!