My new book Stranded, for ages 12 & up, published by Orca in their Soundings series for aspiring readers is out as an ebook now!

It’s available  from Orca here, or from your favourite bookstore.

Stranded will be published in print September 22, 2020.

“A sensitive survivor story for reluctant readers.” Read the review here.

Stranded is featured in Shool Library Journal’s “Hi-Lo & Mighty Reads: 15 engaging and ­accessible series for ­reluctant and striving readers” June 29, 2020. “These books feature fast-moving plots, authentic characters, and engaging topics written with accessibility in mind. These engaging, fast-paced books are written at a third grade reading level and depict difficult topics with sensitivity.” School Library Journal

After his girlfriend’s accidental death by overdose, Kipp has been living on the streets, overwhelmed by his grief. He wants to honor her memory and finds help to get clean, but just when he feels like he’s getting his life together, everything comes crashing down. He gets fired from his job and kicked out of his rented room on the same day. So, when Reba, a friendly woman he met at the shelter, offers him a job and a place to live, he leaps at the chance. This is his lucky break. But when a girl comes to Reba’s house looking for her missing brother, Kipp starts to wonder what Reba’s real story is and if his lucky break might actually be a nightmare.